The Ministry of Environment has provided Khmer style baskets, under a project by the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UFYC), to 60 schools in the capital for garbage disposable purposes.
The UFYC project is to strengthen environmental hygiene knowledge in schools, as well as to improve the beauty of the capital.
Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Knowledge and Information of Ministry of Environment, Khvay Atiya said that improper waste management poses a threat to public health, ecosystems, sustainability of natural resources and economic development and pollutes the environment.
At the same time, plastic bag waste affects the environment, human health, animals and biodiversity, so reducing the use of plastic bags is a good choice.
Union of Youth Federations Phnom Penh Deputy Secretariat department chief Sorn Bunmean said that the innovation of using the Khmer style basket as trash cans will also contribute to the preservation of the Khmer heritage for the next generation and disseminate information on proper garbage disposal to reduce waste that pose a burden on landfills.

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