Fishermen in Phnom Penh reported a slight increase in catch this year but an overall low volume of yield due to irregular seasonal flooding.
According to reports, fishermen in Phnom Penh caught 530 tons of fish in 2021, which is an increase of 30 tons compare to the same period in 2020. Despite this increase the yield caught by fishermen is less than the yield caught five years prior.
The Director of Fisheries Administration of Phnom Penh, Ngin Dy, told local media on December 24 that in 2021 fishers caught 530 tons of fish. The fish were also used for the production of fish paste (prahok).
According to the Director, fishermen caught about 500 tons of fish in 2020. The Director continued that fish yield have decreased over the last four or five years due to the low water level in the river and irregular seasonal flooding. Director Sy said that before the past five years, the annual yield exceeded more than a thousand tons.
The number of fishers and those bidding for fishing licenses have decreased over the past years due to the decreased profitability.

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