The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment said that in order to help the community it is important to attract the private sector to partner with the state.
Secretary of State Sao Sopheap made the remark during the meeting to summarize the results of environmental work throughout Kampong Thom province on December 25.
The Secretary of State stated that the private sector has a lot of capital to contribute to the local development in the community.
Secretary of State Sopheap said that the private sector has things such as capital, technology market among other things that are necessary for development.
He pointed out that some communities have thousands of hectares of land that are left to deteriorate due to the lack of development.
The Secretary of State said that in one community who had 5,000 hectares of land secured a partner from the private sector and was able to develop the land which contributed to the economical progress of the community.
Secretary of State Sopheap added that in the future, the Ministry of Environment plans to set up a proper waste management site according to technical standards.
The ministry is also planning to establish a wastewater treatment plant to filter wastewater before it drains into Stung Sen. In addition, the Ministry of Environment will also install solar lights to illuminate roads in Kampong Thom in the future.
The Deputy Governor of Kampong Thom, Chan Dara, praised and appreciated the achievements of the Department of Environment of Kampong Thom, especially in the protection of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, prevention of environmental pollution, and development of local communities.

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